How to do change password on THDHR router?

There is the official Home Depot portal. The Home Depot is an American store where you can get a variety of products available. The THDHR router is the router used at Home Depot to access the Internet. The router has a wide range of connectivity due to its heavy use. Its connection is very good at providing a smooth internet connection to a large number of people from different devices at the same time.

Login to MyTHDHR

Change Password

  1. From Google, go to the official Home Depot website.
  2. Connect your device to the router’s WiFi.
  3. Tap to open the link.
  4. You are using the username and password to log into mydlink.
  5. Now from the available connections choose the thdhr router.
  6. Click on the Settings option; tap the shoe password, it will allow you to see the password on your screen.
  7. Press the backspace key to delete the current password, and then you can quickly enter the new one.
  8. Once you finish entering the new password, click the Save button to make the change.
  9. You will now have the option to reboot the router to reset it.
  10. Touch yes to apply the changes.
  11. Now connect the router to the device with the new password.

What if you forget the password for the router?

First, you must be an administrator user to reset your password. No one other than the admin user can reset the mythdhr router password.

Steps to follow:

  1. Login to the administrator account from the main website.
  2. Wireless touch, among other available options.
  3. Once the page reloads, you have the option to view the router password.

Note: You can also change your password from this page if you wish. Make sure you remember the password for the administrator account. In case it is the default, you can ignore the field and continue.

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