MyTHDHR Your Schedule – Guide to Associates

You may have heard of the world’s largest home improvement products and retailing company set in the United States of America. Well, “The Home Depot” is the company’s name and it has around 2200 stores in North America. This post is regarding myTHDHR Your Schedule – My Apron Home Depot ESS using which the employees of the service can retain important information relating to their work.

The title itself may not give you the clear idea of what we are serving here but we’ll briefly explain what this is in the post. It is all related to the Home Depot company which was founded in 1978. The company delivers home improvement hardware that all of the North America prefers to make use of.

However, this post is not regarding its products but it is related to the myTHDHR portal that supports the employees of this company. Go through this article here to understand more regarding the same

About myTHDHR portal

As seen and understood from the fact that the Home Depot company being the largest retailer for housing improvement products, we can infer that it will have many employees too. Well, there are around 400,000 employees working at Home Depot stores across North America. There are stores in each province of Canada, and more than 2000 stores in America (including Mexico).

At The Home Depot, the company believes in attending to the needs of their associates and their customers equally. Therefore, to support the requirement and needs of the employees, there is the myTHDHR portal that employees have access to. Within this portal login, the employees of THD can access their accounts and get information on work, health, salary, job prosperity, issues and other things that relate to their role with the company.

For every company, its employees are the strongest assets and when it comes to THD, there are visible indications of their care. This portal is itself one of the indication that the company is ready to support its employees through their career. Moreover, it offers amenities like allows users to trace their previous payrolls, check work schedules, leaves and holidays, benefits, etc.

There are many reasons why such a portal is applicable for the employee’s and the company’s benefits. We will briefly express the features of the myTHDHR portal but first, we would like to list down the steps for the login to the same. In this next section of the article, you will find the steps that employees of the company must take to enter the portal.


MyTHDHR Login Procedure

The employees at the store mostly work in different shifts throughout the day and some at night. They are all alloted different schedules and work targets that they have to meet weekly. Some are provided with special assignments/projects to comply with. Hence, to make this confusing scenario easier, employees can access their myTHDHR Your Schedule portal.

The employees have been provided with their login credentials when they join the company. They are given employee ID using which they can access the “ESS – Employee Self Service” portal. There they can submit their personal details and create an account. The account creation will authorize and activate the employee’s username and password for accessing other services of myTHDHR.

Now, follow the steps in this section to access the login page for the ‘My Schedule’ option.

  • Firstly, you need to access the official site for myTHDHR. Use the link provided to directly get there.
  • When you reach the page, you will find the option of “My Schedule” as the first option in the list. Selecting any of the options in the menu of myTHDHR will require you to enter your username and password for entry.
  • After selecting the “My Schedule” tab, the page will load and you will see a login pop-up on the screen.
  • Enter your UserID and the correct Password to enter the system data.
  • In case you forget your password for this, then you will have to enter the ESS portal and recover the same from its site.
  • Once you provide the correct information in the blanks, select the “SIGN IN” tab.
  • Finally, you will enter your account details and will be able to go through your work assignments and schedules.

Hence, these are steps that you need to execute in order to access the Your Schedule portal of myTHDHR. Users can access all the portals that enlist under the myTHDHR menu. There are links to display a summary of benefits, Pay, Events, the ESS, CareerDepot, etc. It is important to notice the fact that this login is for the employees of The Home Depot only. People who mess with the system to hack into other’s files and details may have to face legal action.

MyTHDHR Benefits

If you are a Home Depot partner, then you definitely have the possibility to choose plans and packages that meet your individual and own family desires. You can avail of the blessings via Your Total Value and The Home Depot’s services and compensation programs to be had at Mythdhr.

Benefit plans are not most effective to be had to complete-time salaried associates however additionally component-time hourly buddies. If you’re an eligible based, which includes same-sex home companions, you are maximum welcome. This situation is also protected underneath most plans within the Mytdhr portal.

Medical Benefits

You can avail of your clinical advantages at Mythdhr. The blessings include-

  1. Your Dental and Vision care.
  2. If you have got disabilities, you can avail of your Disability Insurance.
  3. The Home Depot gives a Life Insurance along with your job.
  4. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance for you and your family.

Financial Benefits

The Home Depot presents a wide variety of financial benefits that consist of:

  1. Mythdhr offers FutureBuilder 401(ok) Plan to you that safeguards your destiny.
  2. You get an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). Pretty remarkable!
  3. Direct Deposit and Bank Incentives to your employment. This makes your bills and transactions convenient.

What is My Apron under myTHDHR?

You may not find this option in the myTHDHR from the outside of The Home Depot. It’s a system portal that employees can log in when present in the store or at officially designated offices. However, it is a part of the THD Associate portals. It allows the employees to check specific details relating to their work and career.

Here are the things that an employee can go through via My Apron login of the system;

  • Benefits that they are entitled to,
  • Work Schedules,
  • Personal information in record of company,
  • Tax details, Salary invoices, and payrolls, etc.

Additionally, the system allows the users to appeal for a leave or an emergency break/exit from work in between the shifts. My Apron is a facility that the users can access with ease. Moreover, those who make use of the My Apron facility are considered for appraisals and a surprise bonus. Employees receive these at different times in a year.

MythDHR Contact Information

The contact information of MythDHR is mentioned below:

Position Phone no Internet Address
General Assistant 1-800-555-4954
HR Services 1-866-(1-866-698-4347)
Doctor on Demand 1-888-744-0753

Home Depot Benefits Phone Number:

  • Benefits Choice Center Phone Number: 1-800-555-4954
  • The line is open from Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm (EST)

Home Depot Employee Stock Purchase Plan Phone number: 1-800-843-2150

MyTHDHR Human Resources Phone Number:

  • Call: 1-866-myTHDHR (1-866-698-4347)
  • The line is open from Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm (EST), Sat (RSC & HRSC) 8am – 5pm (EST). Closed on Sundays.
  • Email:

Home Depot Corporate Office Address.

  • Home Depot
  • 2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE, #B #3,
  • Atlanta, GA 30339-1834


So, we have discussed are plenty of topics and information relating to the myTHDHR services. We hope that this post on “myTHDHR Your Schedule – My Apron Home Depot ESS” has been useful to most of our readers. In the case of queries or for suggestions, contact us at Thank you, dear readers, for accessing this post.